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0 comments | Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Noam Chomsky - 17 Books and 12 Essays
29 PDFs + 1 rtf | 21,7mb | English languages | various ISBNs
Filesize: 21.9MB

Noam Chomsky is widely known for his political activism, and for his criticism of the foreign policy of the United States and other governments. Chomsky describes himself as a libertarian socialist and a sympathizer of anarcho-syndicalism (he is a member of the IWW).
This Archive File include
5 Books (Year 501,The Conquest Continues,The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many,
Keeping the Rabble in Line,Secrets Lies and Democracy,
What Uncle Sam Really Wants)
America's War on Terror
Anarchism & Marxism.rtf
Class Warfare
Fateful Triangle - The United States, Israel and the Palestinians
Hegemony or Survival - America's Quest for Global Dominance
Imperial Ambitions
Liberating the Mind from Orthodoxies
Media Control
Necessary Illusions
On Miseducation
On Osama Bin Laden
On War in Afganistan
Philosophers and Public Philosophy
Pirates and Emperors, Old and New
Powers and Prospects
Preventive War, the Supreme Crime
Profit Over People
The Culture of Terrorism
The Propaganda System
Turning the Tide: U.S. Intervention in Central America and the Struggle for Peace
War Against People
Who are the Global Terrorists
You Are Being Lied To


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