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0 comments | Thursday, November 09, 2006

Imagine Indians forgetting all about Gandhi. Or Indonesians failing to honor Sukarno. Impossible? Yet that's what seems to have happened with another independence hero, Aung San of Burma, who fought both the British and the Japanese to secure his country's freedom from foreign rule. Aung San's name has been dropped from official speeches. His boyish face has disappeared from Burmese bank notes. His grave has been closed to the public for years. One academic has described the process as "Aung San amnesia."

While the junta ignores Aung San, ordinary Burmese have forgotten neither him nor his daughter, who has now endured more than 4,000 days under arrest. In a tribute to her father, Suu Kyi described him as a leader "who put the interests of the country before his own needs, who remained poor and unassuming at the height of his power, who accepted the responsibilities of leadership without hankering after the privileges, and who retained at the core of his being a deep simplicity." Many Burmese would describe his courageous daughter in exactly the same way.

ref:Aung San & Aung San Suu Kyi By Time Reoporter Andrew Marshall

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