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0 comments | Monday, October 16, 2006

After Enjoying the Movie together

Years of hunger
And our longing
All were satisfied
On that very day.
Wow! How good it was!
Don't need to ask each other's opinion
Super goodness shown in the eyes,
Super goodness shown in the smiles.
Oh, yes,
We're satisfied
As we came back
After enjoying Su Su Nway movie.

There're hamlets and villages,
Small towns and large towns,
Skyscrapers, too
All of us
Without a blink but with full intent
Enjoyed it to the very end.

Like their
'Erin Bronkovich'
Our Su Su Nway movie, too,
Is an excellent movie,
Dare and courageous, but humble one.
Can challenge to theirs,
See the ending scene.
The judge who read out the verdict
Showed her hands trembling
Indifferent Su Su Nway was
Like the heap of flowers on her head.

Dare, calm, and thumb upping.
Lo!, even the red seemed pale today
In front of her bravery.

Merging Ayeyerwady with Thanlwin
And with several streams
Making echoing sound of flowing
As if applauding her
And Yoma ranges, too, were
Applauding by
Rumbling sound of forests.

Each and every episode,
Our martyrs’ve sacrificed their lives.
Spartacus and his slave soldiers,
William Wallace and his Scottish soldiers
All were joining us
Applauding sound overwhelm.
And to such applauding sound,
We didn't need to tell each other to listen,
The ears in our breasts hear them.
Oh, yes!
We could our thumbs up,
Raise our heads,
And boast to our hearts' content,
As we came back
After enjoying Su Su Nway movie.

(Translated by Mya Than Nyunt)

(Original Burmese poem Watching Su Su Nway Movie, by Aung Ko Thett)

source: burmadigest

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