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1 comments | Thursday, November 02, 2006

This BBC photo articles makes me thought for a while.
People are running for various kind of things and
I remembered the words in Forest Gump movie "Run Run Run Forest Run!!!!!"Yeah I'm running .You too friends.But different kind of way.Of course, we are not same.We may unperfect until we die.right!!!. But we can contribute to our society what we learned and what we know.
However,that photo blog express about what the real world happening in this new era.
The monk said that
"I think these shops and entertainment complexes do make people happy for a while, but not permanently.

"People may have money, but they'll always want more. Real life is not about money - even millionaires are still suffering."


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Blogger yaung6sal said...

I love these words. Yeah, we need something to make life is meaningful. I don't know what it is but it isn't exactly money, honor, ....

5:11 AM


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