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2 comments | Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aw aw .. SPDC SPDC.. I kept on repeating that words silently for numerous times… I still remember that when the police took the student leaders from their places, they asked them to come for awhile to make a discussion…In that afternoon they even made a gentlemen agreement with one of the student leaders and promised that the student leaders were not detained.. just for the Discussion.. I had no idea what did they mean by the Discussion till yesterday.. SPDC created new meaning for the discussion today which is being arrested.
State runs new paper the Mirror said that the student leaders were arrested because they would destabilize and unrest the country. I am just wondering why did not they say to the student leaders that Mr. Student Leader, you were under arrested when they took them from their home.. Come on.. arrest is arrest.. arrest is not discussion.. Okay??… Animal SPDC..

posted by Thura
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