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3 comments | Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hi All,

This is Thura who lives in little village is called Thapaygone but our village has 24 hours electricity, water and even internet. Sound like ex-capital of Burma, Yangon. Huh ..may be better than Yangon.. :) if you don’t know where is my village, you can use GoogleEarth to find my village. You will see a small white pagoda and monastery next to the pagoda in North West of the village. It is where Sayardaw and some other monks live. It is used to be my school as well. You will obviously see one little river is running thought in the middle of the village. It divides the village into East and West. I live in east part of village which closes to the forest. I got to tell you one important thing which is I have three dogs. They are called as Ng Shwe,Net Aye and Golden Mann. Ng Shwe looks a little fat, lazy and barely moves as a bully dog. But Net Aye looks a bit skinny but swift. Golden Mann sounds British..right? Actually, I thought of giving some Russian name when i got him..but Sayardaw only taught some English words to us..So, i decided to name as Golden Mann.. Anyway he is the youngest and strongest among these three dogs..They guard my hut pretty well. If you need a dog, please let me know. I have thought of giving away Golden Mann. He guards better than Ng Shwe and Net Aye because of his youth and strength. Since sky rocketing price is going high, I am not rich enough to feed that three dogs. Golden Man eats twice of the amount of other two. Therefore, I have decided to give away Golden Mann. I have introduced you about myself, my village, my pets and how rich I am. Well, I have a reason to join this blog which is since there are apparently only six monkeys in this blog… I have forced to fill in as 7th monkey to become a meaningful 7monkeys blog. I am super glad of it.. many thanks Ko Thiha


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Blogger seinmyoutmyout said...

ကုိသူရမလုိ္ခ်င္ရင္ က်ေနာ့္ကုိေပးဗ်ာ….ဟားဟားဟား…..

2:57 PM

Blogger boedawgyi said...


3:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

7monkeys မွ အသစ္၀င္ကုိသူရကိုၾကိဳဆိုပါတယ္ေနာ္..


4:38 PM


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